01 September 2005

New Order "Singles" Album Artwork - by morph for Warner Music

Wire frame leaf illustration used as album cover artwork for the New Order ‘Singles’ collection.  Produced in conjunction with Peter Saville, it is based on the leaf featured on the original ‘True Faith’ 12" sleeve.

01 August 2005

"Mono" Clock - by morph for Habitat

This clock was a design initially show as part of the "Time Frame" exhibition by the "Shift" collective of which we were a part of.  It was then put into production by Habitat and went on sale autumn/winter 2005.

"Mono" Wall Clock
Diam.34cm x 6cm

15 May 2005

DC Landscape - by morph for Peter Saville & DC

Mesh version of "Unknown Pleasures" we developed with Peter Saville for use on a range of DC clothing and snowboards.

02 April 2005

"Sunday" Furniture Company - by morph & Sam Johnson

"Domino" Side Tables

"Domino" Sideboard

"London" Sideboard

"x2" Coffee Table

"Avenue" Sideboard

"Eyes" Side Tables

"Porter" Storage Boxes

"Stable" Trestle Legs

"Avenue" Private Commission

"Stable" Dining

"Avenue" Tables

"Sunday" was a company we set up along with Sam Johnson in conjunction with a London based furniture manufacturer who specialised in "sustainable" credentials and quality manufacture.  Sadly the manufacturer went under before the new brand got off the ground, which was a shame because consequently many of the pieces never made it to retail, but we thought we would include some of the designs for posterity's sake.