05 October 2010

"Swing Project I" - Development & Illustration by morph for Anna + Peter

The final illustration by morph for one of the pieces by Peter (Saville) & Anna (Blessman), which we assited to develop for their show at the FRAC.

"Under the name of Anna + Peter, German artist Anna Blessmann and legendary British designer Peter Saville present their first exhibition at the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne"

Swing Project 1 represents a unique collaboration between the artist and the designer, appealing simultaneously to the ideas, influences and skills of each. Through this project, Peter Saville, like an analyst and a decoder, proffers his observations on today's society in general, and most notably, his vision of visual culture. Anna Blessmann, on the other hand, brings us all of its physicality, sensitivity and sensuality.

Swing Project 1 begins from the observation that in a world where all ar-tistic disciplines are now so intrinsically linked that they blend together, contemporary art must now be approached as a philosophy of society and no longer in relation to the idea of form. The exhibition of Anna + Peter is conceived as a sort of 'mood board'. It introduces the following proposal: it is through exchange - and not through the object - that it is possible to experience the actual world and imagine other possibilities. Through this exhibition, Anna + Peter develop a sharp critique of postmodernist tactics that have led to the creation of a world wholly dedicated to consumption and communication, wherein the hybridity of forms matches their uselessness. Now, as they rightly remind us, "nothing useless can be truly beautiful".

From the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne website
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09 September 2010

"Double Dish" Snack Bowl - by morph for JosephJoseph

“Double Dish provides the perfect solution to the problem of serving snacks such as olives and pistachio nuts, with their inedible stones and shells. Its unique design comprises of a serving dish sitting on top of a larger collection bowl, curved outwards in three places to allow the disposal of unsightly food waste. As well as
hiding any waste from view, Double Dish eliminates the need for additional empty bowls on the table. Made from 100% melamine, the two bowls can also be used separately for serving other snacks.”

Product: Double Dish
Dimensions: 18 x 17 x 7.5cm
Design by: morph
Client: JosephJoseph
On Sale: Autumn 2010
RRP: £16

01 September 2010

Magnetic Knife Block - by morph for J-me (Jamie Oliver)

This wooden knife block designed by us exclusively for the J-me (Jamie Oliver) range, has hidden magnets to hold the knives, as well as a slot to accommodate the sharpening stone.

Size: 25 x 29 x 11.5cm
RRP £41

Cook's Bowls - by morph for J-me (Jamie Oliver)

This range of "Cook's Bowls" which we deisnged for the J-me (Jamie Oliver) range, have a specially shaped rim for a firm grip, and measures marked inside for adding direct to the bowl.  There is also a spout detail allowing mess free pouring.  Available in 3 different sizes, including handy half-cup measure prep bowls, they nest as well as stack, and come in 3 different colours.

Extra Large: 3.5litre 28 x 12.5cm
RRP £24.50
Extra Large + Wooden Spoon Set
RRP £30

Large: 1.5Litre 20 x 10cm
RRP £16.50

Small (Prep Bowls set of 3): 120ml 10 x 6cm
RRP £12.25

Utensils & Pot - by morph for J-me (Jamie Oliver)

These utensils were designed by us for the J-me (Jamie Oliver) range, which can either be hung or stored in the ceramic pot, which we designed to match the range of mixing bowls we have also done.

Wooden Measuring Spoons - by morph for J-me (Jamie Oliver)

handy beech spoons conveniently linked to a metal ring so they don't get lost, designed exclusively for the J-me (Jamie Oliver) range by morph.

1/4tsp, 1/2tsp, 1tsp & 1tbs
RRP £12.25 (set of 4)

Measuring Jug & Juicer- by morph for J-me (Jamie Oliver)

This is a handy 2 in 1 jug and juicer to make prepping quick and easy, with all the expected measurements printed on the inside of the jug.  Designed exclusively for the J-me (Jamie Oliver) range by morph.

0.5 litre capacity 10 x 11.5cm
RRP £16.50

01 May 2010

"The Line Up" Spice Rack - by morph for J-me (Jamie Oliver)

This solid oak spice rack was designed by us for the existing range of tiny flip-jars which were already on sale as part of the J-me (Jamie Oliver) range.  It includes blank card slips for writing your own labels, which then go into the front holders.

35 x 6.5 x 5cm
RRP £19

02 March 2010

"Shell" Digital Scales - by morph for JosephJoseph

“This sleek digital scale has a large, easy-to-read LCD display and simple controls. Rest the upturned bowl on the base and it’s ready to weigh in the following units - gms, lbs, ozs, fl.ozs, mls - up to a maximum capacity of 5kg/11lb. A convenient ‘add and weigh’ function allows multiple ingredients to be weighed in the same bowl during recipe preparation and an auto power-off feature maximizes battery life.”

Product: Shell Digital Scales
Dimensions: 25 x 14.5 x 10cm
Design by: morph
Client: JosephJoseph
On Sale: Spring 2010
RRP: £48

"Orb" 3-Piece Mortar & Pestle - by morph for JosephJoseph

“The simple, striking design of this mortar and pestle provides not one, but two receptacles for grinding herbs and spices. The main bowl is large enough for crushing and grinding large quantities, or even several ingredients at once. The lid, when inverted, provides a neat handheld mortar - ideal for smaller amounts of herbs and spices. Made from non-absorbent vitrified porcelain.”

Product: "Orb" 3-Piece Mortar & Pestle
Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 12cm
Design by: morph
Client: JosephJoseph
On Sale: Spring 2010
RRP: £32

06 January 2010

De Beers "Cocoon" Window - by morph & Robert Millar

Here are some images of our design for a seasonal De Beers international window display campaign, which we designed in partnership with Robert Millar.

01 January 2010

Potato Masher - by morph for J-me (Jamie Oliver)

Our take on the potato masher for the J-me (Jamie Oliver) brand, which has a stainless steel mesh and a sturdy handle.

15 x 13 x 7cm
RRP £12.25

Speed Peeler - by morph for J-me (Jamie Oliver)

This is a refresh of the traditional "Speed Peeler" design which we did for the J-me (Jamie Oliver) brand.  This example has a thicker and more robust stainless steel frame, to help prevent the blade from popping out unwantedly.

11 x 5.5 x 1cm
RRP £5.25