05 October 2010

"Swing Project I" - Development & Illustration by morph for Anna + Peter

The final illustration by morph for one of the pieces by Peter (Saville) & Anna (Blessman), which we assited to develop for their show at the FRAC.

"Under the name of Anna + Peter, German artist Anna Blessmann and legendary British designer Peter Saville present their first exhibition at the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne"

Swing Project 1 represents a unique collaboration between the artist and the designer, appealing simultaneously to the ideas, influences and skills of each. Through this project, Peter Saville, like an analyst and a decoder, proffers his observations on today's society in general, and most notably, his vision of visual culture. Anna Blessmann, on the other hand, brings us all of its physicality, sensitivity and sensuality.

Swing Project 1 begins from the observation that in a world where all ar-tistic disciplines are now so intrinsically linked that they blend together, contemporary art must now be approached as a philosophy of society and no longer in relation to the idea of form. The exhibition of Anna + Peter is conceived as a sort of 'mood board'. It introduces the following proposal: it is through exchange - and not through the object - that it is possible to experience the actual world and imagine other possibilities. Through this exhibition, Anna + Peter develop a sharp critique of postmodernist tactics that have led to the creation of a world wholly dedicated to consumption and communication, wherein the hybridity of forms matches their uselessness. Now, as they rightly remind us, "nothing useless can be truly beautiful".

From the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne website
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