20 September 2012

"TriScale" Folding Digital Scales - by morph for Joseph Joseph

The folding "TriScale" by morph, for Joseph Joseph, are designed to provide the same effective weighing area as you would expect from a conventional set of digital scales, with the added advantage of being able to fold effortlessly to a compact size which can easily be stored in a small space, such as a kitchen drawer. Each arm has a load cell for accurate weighing and stability, so they even accommodate the use of a large mixing bowl.

Folded the dimensions are 45mm x 150mm x 20mm. Unfolded the total diameter of the overall circular area would be 250mm with an effective weighing surface diameter of approx 200mm.

Product: TriScale
Dimensions: 4.5 x 15 x 2 cm
Design by: morph
Client: JosephJoseph
On Sale: Autumn Winter 2012
RRP: £30