About Us

Morph is a London based design partnership established by Bill Holding and Ben Cox in 1999.  Over the years both the range of clients and projects undertaken has grown steadily, with morph evolving into a versatile, dual-sided company, specialising in product design on the one hand, and graphic artwork on the other.

Having started out working as freelance designers for Habitat, and for individual designers such as Michael Young, and Tom Dixon, morph went on to establish themselves further, working for a dynamic range of different international clients.

From the development of accessories for Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton, to extensive ranges of kitchen related products for both Joseph Joseph and Jamie Oliver, morph are always able to adapt with great success, which has seen them receive accolades such as the “Red Dot” design award, among others.

The graphic artwork side of morph, was always a natural progression, and has also grown steadily alongside their product design.  Again they have demonstrated the ability to accommodate a diverse range of clients from corporate identity development for the likes of Sky TV, and Citibank, through to album cover artwork with Peter Saville for bands such as New Order.